Medimex 2018


Taranto will host Medimex again in 2019

A huge success – over 60 thousand visitors – the edition recently concluded in the Ionian capital

Medimex 2019 will be held in Taranto, the city that successfully hosted the most recent edition of the International Festival & Music Conference. The event will take place in the Ionian capital from June 6 to June 9, 2019 and will celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of Woodstock, the greatest musical event of all time. The 2018 edition was extremely successful and over 60 thousand visitors were admitted to the events – concerts, activities geared to professionals, meetings with artists, DJ sets, exhibitions and collateral activities. About 200 artists were involved and almost 400 operators – both from Puglia and elsewhere in Italy – were engaged in professionally focused events. 800 thousand contacts were made on social networks, a huge number of tourists were present (hotels were sold out in Taranto and throughout the province) and 120 accredited newspapers were involved as well as coverage in the national media.

Huge crowds attended all the live events at the various venues. For three days, the main stage of Rotonda del Lungomare hosted Kraftwerk for the only Italian date of their three-dimensional show, Placebo, Roni Size and Dynamite MC, Metà Metà, Kiol, Casino Royale, Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino, E Green with Fido Guido and Zakalicious, Nitro and last but not least, Daddy G of Massive Attack. After midnight on the Molo Sant’Eligio stage, Dj Gruff with Gianluca Petrella and Mangaboo performed and in the afternoon, showcase performances of artists of the indie/pop/rock, world and jazz scenes and other collateral live shows were held. And that’s not all. At Villa Peripato, there were meetings with artists – Diodato, Emma Marrone, Giuliano Sangiorgi, Raphael Gualazzi, Ultimo, Ghemon, Renzo Rubino, Mirkoeilcane, Paul Cook of the Sex Pistols and Nitro – along with book presentations, video projections and a Market of independent labels with DJ sets. At the MArTa, the public had the opportunity to meet Michael Lavine and Charles Peterson, the two American photographers whose work the Archaeological Museum will host until July 1. Their shots (some displayed exclusively for Medimex) gave form to the exhibition «Kurt Cobain & Il Grunge: A revolution», which has already admitted nearly a thousand paying visitors. Medimex was also the exclusive Italian location for the site-specific installation «Learning How to See in the Dark», realized for the Aragonese Castle by Arthur Duff and commissioned by the ConTempo contemporary art project.

The media gave Medimex great visibility through coverage in the most important national newspapers, on television, radio, in print and on the web by some of the most authoritative figures in musical journalism. Medimex also confirmed its status as a web event – 800 thousand users until now and almost 150 thousand users who have interacted with the Facebook page, about 40 thousand likes and followers and more than 200 thousand views of the videos. In addition, on Instagram, there have been more than 4000 interactions and over 1500 posts with #Medimex2018 and average story views of 900 people. Finally, on Twitter, #Medimex2018 and #Taranto were among the Italian trending topics for Thursday, June 8, with over 80 thousand views of the tweets.

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